Digitization discussion group

We are planning to start a discussion group with the core function digitization.  The discussion will eventually be through this listserve (digitsa@kendy.up.ac.za) and then posted to the Heritage Foundations Blog.  Some of the discussions might focus on, but not necessary be limited to:

1.  How to choose a project

2.  Selection criteria

3.  Handling of physical material

4.  Digital imaging/resolution and bit depth/colour management and scanning processes

5.  Software needed to get the best from you scanned project without wasting too much time

6.  Description metadata and the management of a spreadsheet for statistical purposes

7.  Risk management and the sustaining of your project

8.  Possible funding

9.  All aspects of digitisation and digital preservation that you want to touch on

We also want to create a list of everything digitized in South Africa, those that are completed as well as those that we are currently busy working on.  Please help us to get a comprehensive list available online of the digital as well as physical holdings of heritage value in South Africa.

The Heritage Foundation has a webpage and blog (www.esdigit.org.za) where these information can be posted, just sign in and then you are part of the blog.  If possible make the collection you have completed openly accessible and thereby also support the “open access to information” movement.  By combining your collection online with those of another institution (building a link between the collections), you will contribute to a more comprehensive collection online. I will send through more information about this initiative in my next email.

Please feel free to make use of the discussion blog (www.esdigit.org.za ).  I will also post discussions from the listserve, which will be of interest to the heritage group, to the blog (www.esdigit.org.za ) and thereby give South African digitization as much exposure as possible.

Enlist to the discussion listserve by answering YES in the subject field of this email and introduce yourself by telling us a bit more about yourself and your work in the text field of the email.  We really want to create a community of interest that will work and be of help to each other.

For more information, please contact :

Ria Groenewald, University of Pretoria

Tel +(12) 420-3792, ria.groenewald@up.ac.za